Water has become more valuable day by day fort he world. That’s why prepare water in appropriate quality is very important. İt is not enough just prepare drinking water to city. Anymore the special quality water request must be met by Engeneer. İt is our mission.

YSF Arıtma offers all solution with Industrial and Sewage Treatment System. These systems are;

Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentation,Filtration with Pressure and Sand Filtration to resolve turbidity clarify humic water,

  • Oxidation,Filtration,Zeolite Filtration to resolve ıron and manganase in underground water,
  • Ion Exchange System for treatment underground water,
  • Ion Exchange and reverse osmosis System to resolve salinity,
  • Carbon Adsorption, Chlorination, Ozonation and Ultraviolet System, to Disinfection